ORB Trading Bot

Interested in Fully automated trading that doesn't require huge capital?

We designed an exclusive Intraday Trading Bot for retail traders.

That works in your mobile app. No need of any softwares

Works for all FNO stocks and Futures of your choice.

Set your own cap...

2PM Bank Nifty Alert

 Post 2 PM we have seen many times, market move in one sided direction when the day high or day low is broken.

It could be due to various reason like, the news that comes in during market hours, Geo political events that affect other international markets which in turn affects Indian...

NR7 Trading Bot

Its a modified version of NR7 Trading strategy that focuses on false breakouts. As per the strategy, we just have to wait and watch for the first order to get trigger, once it gets triggered, we will then place the second order in our trading account. We have a Trading Bot that can do this f...

NR7 Intraday Trading Bot

It is one of the simple Intraday Trading system. which requires...

Bank Nifty Futures Intraday Bot

This Bot is designed to trade our Bank Nifty futures - Golden Ratio Intraday Trading strategy that we taught in our webinar. More details of the training video is here https://imojo.in/e4f73q

Users who want to trade Ba...

Zerodha Call Translator Bot