We at develop Intraday Trading strategies based on quantitative analysis with historical data, and once the strategy is developed, we create automate trading bots to place the orders automatically in your own trading account. In this article we will address all the frequently asked questions.

  1. How does it work?

We have different Intraday trading bots. Where its fully automated with Aliceblue broker platform, you just need to simply login & update your capital. The bot will automatically place entry, stop loss and target orders for you. Also by the end of the day, it will automatically squareoff all open positions for you. You don’t need to install any software, with your mobile you can use this fully automated bot.

If you are a users of Zerodha/Upstox who wanted to use their existing account, you can use our bots. But unlike Aliceblue, it is not completely automated with Zerodha/Upstox, your manual intervention is required to place orders.

With Aliceblue platform users just have to login to and enter their capital, that’s all. Bot will take care of the rest.

Where as with Zerodha/Upstox, users have to go to respective bots in Telegram app , enter their input and click the button to place orders.

1. Golden Ratio Intraday Trading bot for Bank Nifty

Works with Bank Nifty futures, you just have to click a button morning at 9:25 am, that places entry, stoploss and target for you.

How it works:
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2. Stophunt Intraday trading bot for stocks
This bot has > 85% winning accuracy, one of the consistent performer, that scans stocks and quickly sends alert to enter. You just click the button and enter and make some quick profits 
How it works:
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3. ORB Intraday trading bot for stocks

With this bot, there is no monitoring needed at all. Based on the builtin logic of our algorithm, it would automatically choose stocks to trade daily with both Buy & Sell triggers. All you have to do is just enter your capital and Target you want to keep for each stock. That’s it 
How it works :
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4. Nifty option selling Intraday trading bot

This is a directional option selling strategy, generates only one trade a day with defined stop loss.

Users of Upstox/zerodha/Alicebluce who wanted to use their existing account, will get alert in Telegram like this at 9.16 AM every day, just click on the button.

It opens the page, where you can mention your lot size, and click on respective broker.

Which shows the respective Nifty option orders, with entry and stop loss. Just click on place, so your order gets executed instantly and respective stop loss will also be placed in your account. That’s all, by end of the day, you can exit your position.

5. RSI intraday short selling trading bot

Its an intraday short only strategy, that picks up the list of stocks which are expected to revert to mean, the max no of open position will be only 10 stocks max. Where it sends alerts in our Telegram channel in the morning, users have to just click and place the order, which places entry, target and stop loss. All in just one click, in their respective zerodha/upstox account. Where target is 6% and stop loss is 3%.

All above mentioned strategies/bots are made fully automated with broker Aliceblue. you just need to simply login & update your capital. The bot will automatically place entry, stop loss and target orders for you. Also by the end of the day, it will automatically squareoff all open positions for you. You don’t need to install any software, with your mobile you can use this fully automated bot. To know how it works, what’s the historical performance and to get free trial,Please check the below link.

2. I have an existing Aliceblue account. Can I use that?

No, It works only with Aliceblue account that has been opened through SquareOff partner link. You cannot use your existing account, if you do not have one, open AliceBlue account using mentioned below link.

3. Can I use my Zerodha/Upstox account?

Yes, our bots works with Zerodha and Upstox with your existing account, but its not fully automated like Aliceblue. Your manual intervention is needed, for someone who is working professional and who do not have time, we recommend to go with Aliceblue since everything is fully automated.

4. Why its not fully automated with Zerodha or Upstox or with other brokers?

Brokers like Upstox/Zerodha charges almost Rs.4000 per month to use their API, its an additional cost the user has to pay, if they wanted to use fully automated platform, where brokers like Aliceblue/Fyers provide api free of cost, so traders don’t need to spend extra cost for fully automated platform.

5. Am a working professional, will this product suit me?

Yes, our platform doesn’t require you to sit in front of the system all the time, you just need to login to our platform once in the morning before market opens and update your capital, that’s all. You can carry on with your work, our fully automated bot will take care of all order placement by itself.

6. I have my own strategy, can you develop a bot ?

No, our platform doesn’t support custom strategy. All our bots comes with inbuilt strategies.

7. Does it generate profits every month?

No, please note that algo trading makes the execution easier, it doesn’t gaurentee profits. Just like any trading system, these trading bots also goes through streaks of losses. So we should focus only on quarterly/half yearly period about the performance.

8. What is the minimum capital required to trade the trading bots?

Even with Rs.25,000 one can trade using our bots.

9. Can I get a free trial?

Yes, you can get free trial for all our bots.

10. What is QSIP?

Quantitative Systematic Investment Plan:

  • It works like stock recommendations, the algorithm mails you list of 5 stocks every month. You need to buy ityourself in your account
  • Its for long term, so it keeps sending only the best performing stock, if a stock is performing poorly, the system will not recommend that stock next time and we dont need to sell or exit any holdings, the idea behind it to accumulate BEST stocks every month.
  • There are months same set of stocks could repeat when its continues to perform well, and there are months, where different set of stocks comes in list.
  • It generates on average of 15 to 22% returns
  • All the user need to do is, just buy the stocks every month that we send on or before 10 th of every month.

11. Do you provide any training?

At times, we conduct online webinar on Trading strategies, if you wanted to access training videos, please check this link

12. Do you provide monthly subscription plans?

No, all our trading bots subscriptions are available only on half yearly and yearly basis. You can check the pricing of bots here

13. Do you provide any discounts?

We provide you access to all bots at discounted price, where with just Rs.25,000 per year +gst, you can get access to all our trading bots.

14. How can I reach you guys?

We can be reached at or ping us in telegram at we do not have any helpdesk voice support, all queries are addressed only through our email/chat support system.