Futures Trading Strategy for Bank Nifty

Its an Intraday Trading system purely based on price, works well with Bank Nifty futures and high volatile stocks, which hardly takes just 10 mins of your time daily. You don't need fancy charts or software, real time data feed to execute this trading system. The system has been back tested for almost 10 years of historical data, very simple and robust trading system. This training video covers all aspects of intraday rules one needs to adhere to with proper risk management. Video clearly explains when to enter, when to exit, what would be the maximum loss you may incur, position sizing rules etc. It is not mandatory to trade every day to make profits, this sytem keeps you away during range bound movements , so that we avoid losses/whipsaws. Only when there is enough trend in markets, it triggers the trade. That's why it generates on an average only 8 trades in a month, so that we end up paying very less transaction cost.

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