Fully Automated

How about a fully automated platform which doesn’t require any software, any data feeds and any VPS. Just your mobile is enough to access a fully automated trading platform with SquareOff. You just need to login every day to your account from our Mobile trading bot and update your capital. That’s it, the bot will place entry, target and stop loss for you automatically.

Required minimum capital

Since the trading segment is in cash market, you can do this fully automated trading system with capital as low as Rs.25,000.


Multiple strategies are available,

  1. Intraday Opening Range breakout strategy also called as ORB Trading strategy
  2. Golden Ratio Bank Nifty futures Intraday Trading Strategy
  3. Stop Hunt Intraday Bot
  4. Nifty Option selling
  5. RSI Intraday Trading Strategy
  6. Intraday Trend trading

How it works:

Please login to below link after 8am every day

Login with your Facebook account

Enter your your Aliceblue user id /password

Now click on enter capital for the respective bots

Now click Trade after you enter the capital, all your inputs will be recorded, as and when orders are triggered it will be executed in your aliceblue account automatically.

If you wish to modify capital anytime, you can do so by clicking on Modify and enter updated capital and submit again. Also if you wish to stop the bot anytime during the day, you can do the so by clicking the stop button on the respective bots, which will stop placing any new orders in your account.

It works only with Aliceblue account, if you do not have one, open AliceBlue account using mentioned below link

If you have an existing account, you can also use that. You just have to go to this link and enable the trial

Other FAQs:

Am Interested to try it out. What should I do?

Open Aliceblue account through SquareOff partner link and once account is opened go to this link and enable your free trial If you already have an existing aliceblue account, just go to the same link and enable your free trial.

Can I monitor the trades real time?

Yes, you can login to Aliceblue account and check the trades on real time.

Do I need to click any button during the market hours?

No manual intervention required. You just need to login once every day and update your capital, that’s all. Bot will automatically place all trades.

Do you provide monthly subscription plans?

No, all our trading bots subscriptions are available only on half yearly and yearly basis. You can check the pricing of bots here

Do you provide any discounts?

We provide you access to all bots at discounted price, each bot is priced at Rs.10,000 for 6 months , we have 5 different bots, so if you wanted to subscribe to all bots, you end up paying Rs.50,000 to get access to 5 bots just for 6 months whereas with just Rs.25,000 per year +gst, you can get access to all our trading bots for one full year.

What is the minimum capital required to trade the trading bots?

Even with Rs.25,000 one can trade using our bots.

Does it generate profits every month?

No, please note that algo trading makes the execution easier, it doesn’t gaurentee profits. Just like any trading system, these trading bots also goes through streaks of losses. So we should focus only on quarterly/half yearly period about the performance.

Am a working professional, will this product suit me?

Yes, our platform doesn’t require you to sit in front of the system all the time, you just need to login to our platform once in the morning before market opens and update your capital, that’s all. You can carry on with your work, our fully automated bot will take care of all order placement by itself.

Can I trade my own strategy?

No, Doesn’t support any customized strategy.

Do you have a demo video to know how this bot works?

Yes, please refer this demo video link and also you can watch the free webinar on Algo Trading here

Can I use the same Alice Blue account for my own manual Trading?

Yes, you can use it.

Can I monitor the trades triggered by bot on real time?

Yes, you can monitor all the trades that are triggered by the bot real time from your Alice Blue account

Performance Reports? 

Performance reports of all bots can be checked with the below links

Bank Nifty Golden Ratio

StopHunt Bot:


Nifty Option Selling:

Intraday Trend Trading:


Why its not fully automated with Zerodha or Upstox or with other brokers?

Brokers like Upstox/Zerodha charges almost Rs.4000 per month to use their API, its an additional cost the user has to pay, if they wanted to use fully automated platform, where brokers like Aliceblue provide api free of cost, so traders don’t need to spend extra cost for fully automated platform.

Does I need to keep the laptop/mobile web page open and running after logging in the morning?

No,not required. Once you login to the platform and update your capital, its done. System records it. You don’t need to maintain any server or download any software, or keep laptop open.

Can I get a free trial? What is the process?

Yes, you can get one week free trial for all our bots and free access to our Bank Nifty intraday futures BOT as well. You just have to open new Alice Blue account using this link once your account is opened, go to this link and start your free trial

How can I reach you guys?

We can be reached at or ping us in telegram at we do not have any help desk voice support, all queries are addressed only through our email/chat support system