Best way to invest in Gold in India

  • Sep-06-2019

Investment in Gold is really good diversification. It helps well during bad economy period. However, instead of buying physical gold, you can invest in Gold ETF like Goldbees

Here’s the last 13 years historical analysis of Gold price. X axis represents whats the average returns made in the respective months for last 13 years, and Y axis represents total sum of returns for each month, the highest returns from Gold has come from Jan and Aug.

Data shows that though people tend to buy gold jewels in festive season in the month of Sep/Oct, but the price increases much before the festive season starts. 12 out of 13 times Aug month ended up in positive returns with average returns of 4.29%.

If you plan to buy/invest in Gold, better invest in Goldbees at the end of July & exit it in Aug month and book profits, and use that money to buy Jewels when festive season arrives. Here’s the last 13 years yearly returns of Goldbees

source: historical data and Should you invest in Gold BeES?

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