ORB Trading Bot

With this bot, there is no monitoring needed at all. Based on the builtin logic of our algorithm, it would automatically choose stocks to trade daily with both Buy & Sell triggers. All you have to do is just enter your capital and Target you want to keep for each stock. That’s it

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2PM Bank Nifty Alert

 Post 2 PM we have seen many times, market move in one sided direction when the day high or day low is broken.

It could be due to various reason like, the news that comes in during market hours, Geo political events that affect other international markets which in turn affects Indian markets or its the time European markets opens up and fresh inflows occur.

What if we could ignore all the noise till 2 pm, and then trade the day high or low breakouts. It would be much easier for traders, as we don’t need to sit in front of terminal all the time, we just place the orders at 2 pm and carry on with our work.

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Bank Nifty Futures Intraday Bot

This Bot is designed to trade our Bank Nifty futures - Golden Ratio Intraday Trading strategy. 
  • It is one of best performing strategy that works very well during high volatile environment.
  • You can customize it as per your need, you can enter your defined number of lots, target %, stop loss % and trailing stop loss % as well.
  • If you have stock holdings in your Zerodha/upstox account, you can use that as margin and trade this strategy.
  • It generates only 7 - 8 trades in a month, hence lower transaction cost
  • Has higher winning accuracy

The Golden ratio Bank nifty Intraday futures is a breakout trading bot. With this bot, all you need to do is just a click a button at 9.25 AM, it places entry, target and stop loss values for you.

The bot places bracket orders with both Buy level and Short level. Once you click on zerodha/upstox button, it prompts you to enter login credentials and then it allows you to place orders.

Users who wants to take trial can use this link

You can enter input to the bot with below syntax after 9:25 AM

I have given input as 1;2;0.5;0.5 to the bot, which means 1 lot quantity, 2% target from entry price, 0.5% stop loss from entry and 0.5% as trailing stop loss

Once you click on Place, the order goes to your Zerodha system. When executed, the respective target and stop loss orders will be placed automatically by the system.

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The historical results of this strategy can be downloaded from this link



Stop Loss Hunt Trading Bot

This bot designed based on the Stop Loss hunting Strategy.

  • Greater winning accuracy
  • No Indicators, No charting required
  • Clear Entry, Exit, stop loss and Target rules

When you trade With any strategy , most of the time, you would have noticed , your stop loss getting hit and then the stock moves in the anticipated direction. No matter where we keep our stop loss, sometimes market comes exactly to that point and reverses.

Based on data analysis, we figured out that there is some usual patterns that appears when stop loss gets hit, so we derived an intraday strategy based on that to make profits out of such wild movements. Works wonderfully well with 80% winning accuracy.

The bot scans 150+ stocks every seconds and finds the right stock very quickly and buys it instantly, you don’t need to monitor, you dont need to click any alerts.

Fully Automated
This Bot is fully automated, users just have to open account with Aliceblue using this link

Once account is opened, all you have to do is just login to our Fully Automated Mobile bot daily in the morning using your Aliceblue credentials and update your capital, that’s all. The bot will automatically Place entry, stop loss and target for you. No manual intervention required.

The historical performance is updated here

Please note that for now, Fully automated bot works only with AliceBlue broker.

Free one week trial can be accessed by clicking the below link

The trial users can join this trial bot and see how the performance of the bot is in real time, however once they subscribe all executions are fully automated, no manual interventions.

It takes you to a execution page with an option to enter you capital that you want to allocate to the trade, if you enter Rs.10000 and click on update, then the quantity for the trade gets updated accordingly.

Then you can click on buy, which will place the respective orders in your account. Please note that this bot, only helps you in finding the high probability winning trades where you enter into it, however once entered, based on profits you can exit whenever you want or you can keep your own stop loss or target level. The bot follows 3% target and stop loss as 10%, even though stop loss is wide, it doesn’t get trigger often, we just give enough room for the stock to fluctuate after entry.

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Access all Trading Bots Combo pack

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Golden Ratio Bank Nifty FnO bot

Stop Hunt Bot


Modified NR7

As a quant firm, we continuously work on developing strategies. So even whatever new bots we develop, you can access those bots as well under this subscription pack.