ORB Trading Bot

Interested in Fully automated trading that doesn't require huge capital?

We designed an exclusive Intraday Trading Bot for retail traders.

That works in your mobile app. No need of any softwares

Works for all FNO stocks and Futures of your choice.

Set your own capital/target/risk/trailing stop loss

Its based on Opening Range Breakout trading, so you can trade 5min ORB, 10 min ORB, 15 mins ORB breakout etc

Trade with one click of a button and place unlimited number of trades in a day

All you have to do is just one click a day!

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2PM Bank Nifty Alert

 Post 2 PM we have seen many times, market move in one sided direction when the day high or day low is broken.

It could be due to various reason like, the news that comes in during market hours, Geo political events that affect other international markets which in turn affects Indian markets or its the time European markets opens up and fresh inflows occur.

What if we could ignore all the noise till 2 pm, and then trade the day high or low breakouts. It would be much easier for traders, as we don’t need to sit in front of terminal all the time, we just place the orders at 2 pm and carry on with our work.

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NR7 Trading Bot

Its a modified version of NR7 Trading strategy that focuses on false breakouts. As per the strategy, we just have to wait and watch for the first order to get trigger, once it gets triggered, we will then place the second order in our trading account. We have a Trading Bot that can do this for your.


More details



NR7 Intraday Trading Bot

It is one of the simple Intraday Trading system. which requires just few minutes of your time every day.

NR7 is term given to a day that has the daily range smallest of last 7 days including that day.

How to Find NR7 day

1) Get the High and Low data of last few period
2) Calculate the range of each day i.e. high - low) for each day
3) Compare the range of a today and previous 6 days range (to get NR7. To get NR4 get last 3 days range)
4) If today's range is smallest of all 7 days, then today is NR7 day..else not.

This is one of my favorite setup. It gives u a chance to be ahead of trend follower / indicator followers who will jump in the trend after you.

One of the easiest way to trade this setup will be to go long above the Day's high of NR7 day with stop at the Day's Low of NR7 day.


Go short below the Day's Low of NR7 day with stop at the Day's High of NR7 day.

Now we have an automated Trading bot for you, which will automatically scan the list all stocks and find the one that are NR7 stocks. All you have to do is, go to NR7 BOT or search for @NR7_squareoff_bot in Telegram app and enter your input. It is very similar to the ORB Trading bot. Check this link for more info

It has one week free trial and this NR7 BOT is free for exiting users of SquareOff. 

New users who wish to subscribe to this bot can use the below link.

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Bank Nifty Futures Intraday Bot

This Bot is designed to trade our Bank Nifty futures - Golden Ratio Intraday Trading strategy that we taught in our webinar. More details of the training video is here

Users who want to trade Bank Nifty futures Intraday can use this BOT.

  • It is one of best performing strategy that works very well during high volatile environment.
  • You can customize it as per your need, you can enter your defined number of lots, target %, stop loss % and trailing stop loss % as well.
  • If you have stock holdings in your Zerodha/upstox account, you can use that as margin and trade this strategy.
  • It generates only 7 - 8 trades in a month, hence lower transaction cost
  • Has higher winning accuracy

The historical results of this strategy can be downloaded from this link



Zerodha Call Translator Bot

ZCT bot converts your texts to executable Trade buttons instantly.

There are many instances where you track a stock and before even you react and place the trades, the stock quickly jumps and moves rapidly,where you miss a profitable trade opportunity. This could be solved, if we a solution that could quickly place the trades for you. This is what this bot exactly does. Quicker execution.

And there are traders who follow stock tips, stock advice from other advisory firms, usually they get notified via telegram like below.

This is how most of the advisory firms forward stock tips, instead of user logging into terminal and placing the orders, we can just use the Zerodha Call Translator bot

Click on start and enter your input.

As per the example above, Buy Axis Bank at price 722 with stop loss 719 and target 729. So we enter the same input to bot.

It instantly generates the button.

Just click on Zerodha button or Upstox button, the bot supports only these two brokers, and it takes you to order placement page, just click on place.

And here’s the example of NIIT Future order, as per the example above, the order is Sell NIITTECH futures price at 1245 stop loss 1258 with target 1225. So we input the same to the bot.

Sell NIITTECH qty=1 price = 1245 sl=1258 target= 1225 fut

qty=1 denotes 1 lot and fut at the end denotes futures.

Just click on zerodha or Upstox and place the order, where it places the sell order as bracket order with target and stop loss.

Even you can place multiple orders, say for example, you have list of stocks in your watchlist and want to place orders for all 5 stocks at once when respective levels are reached.

We just need to type multiple orders followed by semi colon, like below


It creates a basket of stocks based on your input and now in a click of a button, you can place multiple orders at once. In case of any queries, please post it in comments section, we shall address it.

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Stop Loss Hunt Trading Bot

This bot designed based on the Stop Loss hunting Strategy.

Greater winning accuracy
No Indicators, No charting required
Clear Entry, Exit, stop loss and Target rules

When you trade With any strategy , most of the time, you would have noticed , your stop loss getting hit and then the stock moves in the anticipated direction. No matter where we keep our stop loss, sometimes market comes exactly to that point and reverses.

Please refer the below training video to understand more about this strategy

Based on data analysis, we figured out that there is some usual patterns that appears when stop loss gets hit, so we derived an intraday strategy based on that to make profits out of such wild movements. Works wonderfully well with 80% winning accuracy

The details of the strategy and its historical performance is updated here

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